The benefits of a multigenerational workforce

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The benefits of a multigenerational workforce

When you think about hiring a diverse workforce, your mind might immediately jump to the idea of an office filled with employees of different races, genders and ethnicities. But do you immediately think about age?

You can help your workforce become more diverse – and therefore more effective – by hiring a multigenerational team that spans both a broad range of ages and experience levels.

Why is diversity so important to a successful workforce?

 In 2014, MIT economist Sara Ellison released results that show that diverse offices function at a higher and more productive level. She writes, “a baseball team entirely composed of catchers could have high esprit de corps… they could share experiences, equipment, or tips for handling knuckleballs. But it would not perform very well on the field.” Is your workforce starting to resemble a team of catchers?

A diverse environment allows people of different backgrounds, experience levels and ages to come together in order to create a strong team that can tackle a wide array of challenges. While they can come together as a unit, they will be better suited to handle the myriad different daily tasks, needs and issues that might come up in your business. A stronger team equals a stronger bottom line for your business.

Multigenerational hiring can help to enrich your work environment

While you will want to ensure that your staff is comprised of people from different races, religions, genders and experience levels, you should also be thinking about having a wide array of ages on your team.

When your office is filled with a diverse broad range of ages, everyone will benefit from people who have years of experience (and maturity), as well as people who have boundless energy and youthful enthusiasm.

The benefits of hiring older employees for your team

While a lot of attention has been paid to the importance of hiring people from the millennial generation, it can be just as beneficial to hire people of more advanced ages. After all, they can offer you a number of traits and competencies that their younger counterparts can learn from.

  • They tend to have invaluable levels of experience that cannot be taught and can only be gained by trial and error during a long career.
  • They can act as positive role models and mentors for younger and more inexperienced colleagues.
  • They value teamwork and are equally happy to lead a team as they are to be a member of the team.
  • They like to preserve tradition, follow rules and ensure that the strictest of standards are upheld in your office.

Businesses can gain from hiring across generations

Simply put, when you have a diversity of attitudes and abilities from people of various age groups, your workplace will be more dynamic, creative and adept at solving problems. The next time you are hiring for a position within your company, you need to consider a wide array of individuals – and ages – for the job.

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Here at Fortyplus People, we are passionate about age diversity and believe that a mixed-age workforce is an essential resourcing strategy for every business.

As our population is ageing, older workers are our future workforce. The need to develop a long-term strategic approach to recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers is crucially important for businesses. In particular, industries with a higher proportion of workers will need to adapt their practices quickly to ensure they can retain and recruit the older workers who are fundamental to their workforce.

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