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The benefits of a multigenerational workforce

The benefits of a multigenerational workforce When you think about hiring a diverse workforce, your mind might immediately jump to the idea of an office filled with employees of different

5 Top Tips For A Midlife Career Change

5 top tips for a midlife career change If you are in the process of a midlife career change, you likely have a lot on your mind. This can be a daunting and intimidating experience – but

5 Reasons Why Mature Employees Can Improve Your Business

5 Reasons Why Mature Employees Can Improve your Business As an employer, you already know better than most that there is a labour and talent shortage in the UK. In fact, experts predict that

Older workers essential to bridging the looming skills gap

Older workers essential to bridging the looming skills gap A new PwC study, ‘The Golden Age Index’ suggests the UK could boost its gross domestic product (GDP) by about 4.2% or £80

#JustGettingStarted social media day to celebrate older workers

Tuesday 25th April - Just Getting Started #JustGettingStarted social media day to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions about older workers

Interview Guide for Job Seekers

Congratulations.... being selected for a job interview means you are on the road to potential success. To have achieved an interview shortlist means you have been chosen ahead of what may have been

We all gain from Fuller Working Lives

A new government strategy encourages the over 50s to reap the benefits of work, including a second career.

The business case for older workers

Why should business take action on age at work? With an ageing population, older workers are our future workforce. Businesses that operate with foresight and planning will see rewards.

CV Guidance for Job Seekers

There are many useful tips and advice available online, and particularly if you are creating your CV for the first time, then you may want to do some research in this area.

WEC inquiry checks progress made on older people and employment

The Women and Equalities Committee launches a new inquiry into older people and employment, looking at current Government policies to help people extend their working lives, and considering further