#JustGettingStarted social media day to celebrate older workers

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#JustGettingStarted social media day to celebrate older workers

Tuesday 25th April – Just Getting Started

#JustGettingStarted social media day to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions about older workers

On Tuesday 25 April during Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Week  (#RBWeek) you can get involved with #JustGettingStarted social media day. Older workers can share where they are in their working lives and the changes they may have made to get there. Business in the Community wants to learn how you are ‘just getting started’ in the next stage of your working life.

This is a great opportunity for employers to celebrate the skills that their older workers bring, and to demonstrate their commitment to retaining, retraining, progressing and recruiting older workers. By getting involved, you will help challenge stereotypes and preconceptions about older workers, and raise awareness about the potential of having multiple careers in life.

Why #JustGettingStarted?

#JustGettingStarted is from Business in the Community’s Age at Work campaign which is committed to supporting employers to retain, retrain and recruit older workers and support multi-generational workforces. Our population is ageing, and it is critical that people are able to work for as long as they need.

The Age at Work Leadership Team is the Government’s appointed Business Champion for Older Workers, and recently set out a target of one million more older workers in employment by 2022 – which requires every UK employer needs to increase the number of workers aged 50-69 in the UK by 12%.

Business in The Community wants individuals and employers to be part the conversation. Simply tweet your ‘just getting started’ story, and if you are an employer – share how you are supporting older workers or spotlight older role models in your workplace. Include #JustGettingStarted, #RBWeek and @AgeBITC in your tweets.

One million more older workers in employment by 2022 #JustGettingStarted #REWeek @AgeBITCClick to Tweet

Here at Fortyplus People, we are passionate about age diversity and believe that a mixed-age workforce is a successful resourcing strategy for every business.

As our population is ageing, older workers are our future workforce. The need to develop a long-term strategic approach to recruiting, retaining and retaining older workers is crucially important for businesses. In particular, industries with a higher proportion of workers will need to adapt their practices quickly to ensure they can retain and recruit the older workers who are fundamental to their workforce.

To find out how Fortyplus can support your resourcing strategy, contact Kelly or Stephen on 01869 241254 or email us at resourcing@fortypluspeople.com.

If you’re a candidate looking for your next move, planning a return to work or a change of direction call Hayleigh or Charlotte on 01869 241254 or email us at jobs@fortypluspeople.com.