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#JustGettingStarted social media day to celebrate older workers

Tuesday 25th April – Just Getting Started #JustGettingStarted social media day to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions about older workers

Interview Guide for Job Seekers

Congratulations…. being selected for a job interview means you are on the road to potential success. To have achieved an interview shortlist means you have been chosen ahead of what may have been a large number of other job seekers.

We all gain from Fuller Working Lives

A new government strategy encourages the over 50s to reap the benefits of work, including a second career.

CV Guidance for Job Seekers

There are many useful tips and advice available online, and particularly if you are creating your CV for the first time, then you may want to do some research in this area.

How do I get the right person for the job?

As an employer you want to recruit the best person for the job regardless of their age. No employer actually thinks that they base their recruitment and retention decisions on misconceptions, but the facts are: