5 Top Tips For A Midlife Career Change

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5 Top Tips For A Midlife Career Change

5 top tips for a midlife career change

Fortyplus People's 5 top tips for a midlife career change

If you are in the process of a midlife career change, you likely have a lot on your mind. This can be a daunting and intimidating experience – but you’re not alone. More and more people are electing to change their career trajectory and start a new path.

People change their careers for a variety of reasons, including wanting an increase in salary, desiring a change in their responsibilities and wanting a new challenge. Maybe you want to do something wild and live out your wildest fantasies – opening a vineyard, relocating to a Greek Island, or launching a tech startup. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

If so, it is important not to rush this transition. You need to develop a plan that works for you and seek professional advice. Speak with someone who was truly understanding this process and can provide expert guidance on a midlife career change.

Without risk – no rewards

A midlife career change can feel like an obstacle course, with countless hurdles in your path. Where should you start? What should your first step be? What do you need to consider before you make the first move? Some people, when confronted with these questions, decide to give up before they even start. This has prevented many otherwise high achievers from taking a risk and stepping outside their comfort zones.

Unless you take significant risks, you cannot experience the greatest rewards. You may regret a small percentage of the choices that you make – but you will regret every single one of the risks you do not take.

5 top tips for starting your midlife career change


1. Get clear about your needs and wants

What do you prioritise in your life? What is most important to you? Think about salary vs. holiday time vs. autonomy in the workplace. Getting clear about your priorities will help you to choose your next step.


2. Take a test

There are plenty of online tests and tools (as well as more professional metrics administered by career counsellors) that can help you to determine your ideal career choice. Some of these are free, while a professional will have an array of different rates.


3. Reflect on your past

Spending time thinking about your past and your life’s story can help you to understand your wants, needs and dreams. Consider writing a brief autobiography – this might trigger memories about times that you felt most challenged, creative and fulfilled in your work life.


4. Hire a pro

Similar to hiring a career counsellor to administer testing, you may want to seek their advice for a more thorough process. Careers coaches can help you uncover your own desires, while a financial planner can help you to crunch the numbers to ensure you can afford this career change.


5. Give it a try

When it comes to your new career, you are more likely to have success if you have tested out the waters in advance. You may think you love the idea of being a chef, but 2 days in a commercial kitchen might have you thinking otherwise. Consider taking a low paid (and low stress) part-time position in your desired field, volunteer in a professional capacity or seek an internship before you make the big leap.


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