5 Reasons Why Mature Employees Can Improve Your Business

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5 Reasons Why Mature Employees Can Improve Your Business

5 Reasons Why Mature Employees Can Improve your Business

5 Reasons Mature Employees ARE GOOD FOR BUSINESS

As an employer, you already know better than most that there is a labour and talent shortage in the UK. In fact, experts predict that this shortage could get even worse in the next few years, as a result of Brexit. You can not afford to ignore a valuable resource – hiring more mature employees can truly help your firm.

Hiring new employees is always a gamble, labour shortage or not. Young and eager recruits are often the most likely to stay at your firm for a short time, on their way to new opportunities at the beginning of their careers. This can result in high turnover rates – and that results in high costs for your business.

You do not have the time, expendable income and resources to deal with this turnover – and that is where the dependability and stability of an older workforce can benefit your business.

The next time you are looking to add to your workforce, you should seriously consider more mature recruits. They can help you to reach your goals and positively impact your bottom line.


Here are five reasons why mature employees can improve your business:


  1. Older Workers are Dedicated– More mature employees are far more likely to produce a higher standard of work. They have the skills and practice honed from decades of experience, and they will probably be accustomed to learning new proficiencies.
  2. Punctuality – While we don’t want to wax poetic about ‘the good old days,’ workplace culture was very different even a few decades ago. A more mature employee will know the value of punctuality, honesty and arrive each day ready to put in a full day’s work.
  3. Industry contacts and networking skills – Whether you are involved in trades, or you run a brokerage, networking and industry contacts are always important. From knowing where to source the best value office supplies to having an ‘in’ with an important client, your mature employees are likely to have a whole file of contacts that they can reach out to and benefit your business.
  4. Detail-oriented and focused – Any worker who is detailed oriented and focused on results is great for your business. These attributes will hopefully rub off on your other employees, and hopefully, save you heaps of money each quarter. These ‘soft skills’ are priceless, and should not be overlooked when searching for new employees.
  5. Strong communication skills When it comes to an older worker, they remember the days before email, social media and even SMS messaging. That means that they are far more likely to be clear communicators who are competent at drafting an effective letter that includes all relevant information. Most importantly, they do not hesitate to pick up the phone and make a call to ensure that all information is clearly communicated.


As you can see, there are many reasons why a more mature new hire makes good fiscal sense – and why you will be pleased with their performance.


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Here at Fortyplus People, we are passionate about age diversity and believe that a mixed-age workforce is an essential resourcing strategy for every business.

As our population is ageing, older workers are our future workforce. The need to develop a long-term strategic approach to recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers is crucially important for businesses. In particular, industries with a higher proportion of workers will need to adapt their practices quickly to ensure they can retain and recruit the older workers who are fundamental to their workforce.

To find out how Fortyplus can support your resourcing strategy, contact Kelly or Stephen on 01869 241254 or email us at resourcing@fortypluspeople.com.

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